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What is UI/UX Design?

It’s becoming a popular term now-a-days. It is basically understanding the customer and providing him/her the best experience he/she wants from his app, website, product design, etc that cover various expect such as

  • Understanding their requirement

  • What they see?

  • What they experience?

Understanding all their senses, is essentially the Usex Experience. The UI or User interface is a touch part of User experience. Which is basically what a user sees or touches. It is a way of communicating what a brand or service wants from users to understand or feel.

Applications of UI/UX??

Usually, every company has a digital interface, and the minute you have a digital interface the requirement of a Ux or Ui designer arises.

As the competition is increasing in the tech field the programmer or developer is evolving from the basic design to either increase their sale or increase the number of downloads. The people are understanding that a Ui/Ux designer can enhance the business.

Search for any type of apps on play store you will 100s of alternatives that do the same function but what makes them different is the design, the typography, the way it interacts, and many such things. A calculator will calculate but how minimalistic its function makes it more profitable and friendly to use.

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