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How we help

Identify challenges that can be effectively addressed through AI and Automation. We'll develop and deploy a production-ready application, providing ongoing support and team training.

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Strategy and Consultation

  • AI/ML Product Consultation

  • Strategic Roadmapping, Customized Model Development, Product Integration and Deployment

  • Discover your use cases

  • GDPR conform integration

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AI / ML Product Development

  • Ideation and Strategy, Data Acquisition and Preparation.

  • Model Development and Training, Model Deployment and Integration.

  • User interface and experience design.

  • MVP or POCs or Prototype Development

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Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

  • AI Agent & Chatbot Development

  • Q&A on your own data

  • Knowledge retrieval, Chat with PDF - PDF Conversations

  • Conversational AI creation

  • Generative AI, Vertex AI

  • GPT Fine-Tuning on your data

  • GPT Integration / Agents development

Natural Language Processing.png

Natural Language Processing

  • Text Classification, Token Classification, Text annotatio.

  • Question Answering, Zero-Shot Classification,Translation, Summarization, Conversational, Text Generation, Text2Text Generation, SimilarityText.

  • Sentiment analysis

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Data Science and Analytics

  • Data Science Solutions

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Visualization

  • Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning 

  • Advanced Analytics and Pattern Recognition

  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting, Data-driven Decision Support

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Training and Education

  • AI/ML Training Programs 

  • AI Curriculum Development

  • Coding Assistance and Implementation (Assignment, Coursework, Project Implementation, PhD & Research Work Guidance)

  • Project Development and Implementation

  • Technical Job or Work Support

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AI Project Development
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Hire Dedicated AI Experts
Book 1_1 AI_ML Sessions _ Book AI_ML Consulting _ Codersarts AI.png
Book 1:1 AI/ML Sessions

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Data Processing

Knowledge Representation

Deep Learning

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Generative AI Modeling

Data Visualization

Data Extraction

AI Project Workflow

1. Ideate

In the Ideate phase, you discover AI's potential for your project, identify relevant use cases, and prioritize them strategically.

2. Prototype

In the Prototype phase, a basic AI solution is developed to validate customer needs and assess data quality for further refinement.

3. Ship

In the Ship phase, the effective prototype is transformed into a scalable, robust AI solution, ready for real-world application.

4. Repeat

In the Repeat phase, you revisit and refine the AI solution based on feedback and performance, ensuring continuous improvement and evolution.

We enable you to build more prototypes swiftly, while reducing the need for extensive AI/ML expertise. Together, let's turn your ideas into reality.

We love building prototypes for AI applications.

Codersarts AI brings passion to every project, especially when building prototypes for AI applications. By partnering with us, you can explore a wide range of AI use cases while significantly reducing development costs

AI Services

At Codersarts, we offer a comprehensive suite of AI services. From working with pre-built models to utilizing Auto ML, we strive to accelerate your workflow and deliver efficient solutions.

User Interface

Leveraging pre-built templates and frameworks, Codersarts swiftly crafts user interfaces for your prototypes. We turn days of development into mere hours, ensuring a fast and efficient delivery.

Data Engineering

Transforming your raw data into valuable insights. Our proficient team constructs efficient pipelines to transport your data from A to Z quicker than you can utter 'SQL'.

Pre-built Use Cases

Benefit from popular AI Projects to get started quickly and launch your first prototype in no time.

Face Detection in Crowded Environments.png
Face Detection in Crowded Environments
Gender Detection Model using Keras.png
Gender Detection Model using Keras
Custom NER Medical entities - AI Projects  Codersarts.png
Named Entity Recognition for Biomedical Text

Get started now.

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