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Transfer learning Work Sample

In this assignment, you will perform transfer learning. You will take a pre-trained VGG16 network and retrain it to recognize trac signs.

You will need to perform pre-processing on the images to conform with VGG input size and feature range.

Set up Train and Validation sets from this data while there is a separate test set.

The Dataset

The data set has 43 categories that are not balanced. The folder name works as the numeric category but

also, you can tell the numeric category from the lename.

The test set does not show a numeric category but there is a CSV to give you this information.


Upload in PDF only, you will be docked 10% for all other formats. The Poster can be designed in

LATEX, Powerpoint, or other but should be converted to PDF for final submission.

You must use the IMVIP template

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