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How to Use MongoDB with NodeJs | MongoDB Assignment Help


MongoDB is a database which is best for storing data for modern applications.

  • It is a general-purpose, document-based distributed database built for modern application.

  • It is a NoSQL database.

  • It stores the data in BSON format

  • BSON:- It is a binary serialization of JSON-like documents but for every document, there is an object Id which is unique for all.

  • It is compatible with all languages but it is best to use with node js.

Installing and Downloading MongoDB

Now download and install Robo 3t

You can get it from:-

Install it and start it

You will see something

Click on create

Save it

27017 is the default port where MongoDB runs.

Now click on connect.

And you are ready to rock on!

Now let's connect our NodeJs server with MongoDB

Now create a server using node js

After creating server now install mongoose

Mongoose:- It is npm package which is used to connect our node js server and MongoDB

Using command:

npm install mongoose

Run it using node index.js

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