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Hire Android Developers By Codersarts

Hire Android Developers By Codersarts
Hire Android Developers By Codersarts

In this blog you will go through all steps, to fulfill your requirements by hiring Codersarts developer to create you attractive web pages and to do your pending projects assignments.

You can hire full time developer to do your task as per your need and requirements. Here below we mentioned some steps and areas in which our developers has expertise to do your request.

Now a day large numbers of mobile produce day to day and most of has android platform so need of android is increasing to handle android app which make it usable.

Experienced mobile app and full stack developer needed

Client request: We are building a mobile app (IOS and Android - first phase) which will help collaborate for studies and learning. First version will be mobile apps for both platforms. In second version, we'll have a web portal as well. Want to work with an experienced developer who can do form initial architecture, design, development and delivery. We would want the app to be built on independent platform (like react native, node.js etc) so that it can be deployed for both mobile platforms easily and future enhancement to the code is easier. Design and architecture must be extensible for future versions.

Please apply and will share the high level details of the project later.

App Request: I am looking for someone to help develop a mobile phone app for both IOS and Android. This app would allow our users to securely access information, fill out, complete and save forms the pertain to their job as well as retrieve and view data previously saved. Some what an extension of our website.

Android App and Web Dashboard for Course and Study Material

Introduction: We want to develop an Android App and web-based admin dashboard for a Study Notes Management system for various bachelor courses.


1. User Registration: The user will come and register as a student by selecting from a list of colleges, courses and semester.

2. Student dashboard: On the basis of the selected course and semester, the student will be able to view various notes subject wise and other details related to the subject such as



iii. MCQs(Quiz based system)


3. We want a modern minimal theme with sharp aesthetics and icons

Android Mobile Developer Needed

Client Request: I am looking for senior developer who has experience in kotlin language. We are going to develop a simple demo app using kotlin. I will provide design and backend API. Please apply with your recent kotlin apps.

We will develop your android app or be your android App developer.

we have 3 year of experience as a Android developer.

Services we Provide:-

  • Online Database (Google Firebase)

  • Offline Databases (SQLite ...)

  • Online User Authentication (Email, Gmail, Facebook...)

  • Google API's Android Services

  • Animations

  • Mobile Sensors Integration  & Many Others.

Tools we will Use:-

  • JAVA

  • Android Studio 


We will Provide:-

  • Complete Application (Splash + App)

  • App Icon

  • Source Code

  • Complete Assets

  • Unlimited Revision

We will develop any kind of custom Android app, according to your requirements, The app will be professionally created, and with responsive design

Other Services:

  • Offline Database, using SQLite and Realm 

  • Social Networks Authentication

  • API Based Applications

  • Custom Animations for stunning UX

  • Locations-Based Apps using google maps and location services

  • Custom Backend Using Firebase

  • Crashlatics Integration

  • Firebase Analytics Integration

Audio And Video-Based Applications like a video player and audio player more ever apps like tik-tok and many more!

Code Features: we will code according to clean code design principles with suitable design patterns.The code will be warning free.Complete Source Code With Assets.

We Will Provide: 

  • Complete Application

  • App Icon

  • High-quality source code

  • Complete Assets

  • Unlimited Revisions

We're an Expert in Android | IOS | UI & UX | Web development with many successful projects running on Play Store & iTunes

The price may vary depending on what type of application and features you want.

we have expertized in many types of Android applications:

  • Paypal based app 

  • In-App Purchases app 

  • Exercise/Health app 

  • Image editing app (only Sticker and Text) 

  • Media sharing app 

  • Barcode/Scanner based app (Hardware) 

  • Barcode/QR code scanner app (Camera) 

  • Email based app  

  • SMS based app 

  • Events app 

  • Sports app 

  • Google Map app 

  • Offline Map GPS tracking app 

  • Offline Map routing app 

  • Game Guide app 

  • Database (Encrypted) 

  • Syncing of data 

  • Chatting and location sharing  

  • Employee time tracking 

  • Camera based apps 

  • Information sharing social

  • App Picture gallery

  • App Recipes App 

  • Tourist Guide App 

  • Survey App 

  • PDF based App 

  • Dropbox based App

  • Calendar based App

  •  Task Management App 

  • Alarm based App 

  • MS Word/Excel/PDF Forms To App Conversion. 

  • Skin Games 


Why Choose us?

As You read earlier we give a lot of service so you will get all service at one place our Price is also Affordable and budget friendly. we Do our work on time. we will give amazing packages on ordering more than one orders. we will give you maintains on cheap rate for lifetime:) Hope So You will satisfied with our work.

Reason, why you are hire codersarts developers

  • You can hire our developers 24/7 hours

  • Effective coding with highly educated professionals

  • Good communication skills

  • Hire with affordable price quote

  • Do your assignment within due date

  • Code without plagiarism

Other recommended areas in which you can hire our developes


Feel free to contact us. Beside this, we will also provide CONSULTANCY for your app for FREE!

so, if you are still reading this and have an app idea, drop us a message, we can surely talk and discuss your project and get things done!. You are just one step away to get it done.

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