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Here is Enterprise Programming Example

Unit title: Enterprise Programming 6G6Z1103, 6G6Z1903

Assignment title: Developing, deploying, publishing and finding your own

web service

Learning outcomes being assessed:

LO1: Critically analyse and implement Design Patterns

LO2: Create and critically review distributed applications in a suitable language

LO3: Apply knowledge of web services technology to create distributed systems

LO4: Research and demonstrate knowledge and practical application of current and emerging enterprise level technologies

Note: it is your responsibility to make sure that your work is complete and available for marking by the deadline. Make sure that you have followed the submission instructions carefully, and your work is submitted in the correct format, using the correct hand-in mechanism (e.g. Moodle upload). If submitting via Moodle, you are advised to check your work after upload, to make sure it has uploaded properly. Do not alter your work after the deadline. You should make at least one full backup copy of your work.

Penalties for late hand-in: see Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes of Study

( The timeliness of submissions is strictly monitored and enforced.

All coursework has a late submission window of 5 working days, but any work submitted with in the late window will be capped at 40%, unless you have an agreed extension. Work submitted after the 5-day window will be capped at zero, unless you have an agreed extension.

Please note that individual tutors are unable to grant extensions to coursework. Extensions can only be granted on the basis of a PLP, or approved Exceptional Factors (see below).

Assignment Details and Instructions

In this assignment, you will create a simple service that is accessible in a variety of ways using different technologies, and critically assess these approaches.

You will develop a simple Films info Web service from scratch, deploy it and develop a range of clients to access the data.


Your Films info API service will have the following (as a minimum) interface:

public interface FilmInfo {

public void addFilm (Film finfo);

public Collection listFilm ();

public Collection searchFilm(String searchStr);


The Film class can have attributes such as: FilmID, FilmName, FilmYear, FilmCredits, FilmDuration,FilmReview and others. You may amend the details of the attributes as needed.


In order to implement the addFilm, listFilm and searchFilm operations, you should use a cloud database to store and retrieve staff records, though you may decide to use a local storage option (such as mysql) to test your web services initially.

You are to create a simple web based app to manage the above interface, and provide a variety of methods to access the data from a client app, as detailed below

Technologies to use

You should demonstrate proficiency in using the following technologies as part of your web service:

  • Access to the data using simple http web service calls (10 marks)

  • Options to return the data in text, json (the default) or xml (10 marks)

  • Google App Engine or Microsoft Azure to implement the application on a remote cloud based server. (20 marks)

  • A WSDL description of the interface to the web service (5 marks)

  • Access to the data using REST type interaction (10 marks)

  • An Ajax based web front end to retrieve the data and display in a suitable format using library based routines for an enhanced user interface (15 marks)


You are to give a critical analysis of your work and the techniques you have used. Here, you should evaluate the pros and cons of each approach, and design/implementation decisions taken. This section forms a major part of the assessment. You need to demonstrate that your code is professional, and follows sound Software Engineering techniques. You need to show where they are used in your code and why, giving an evaluation and the benefits of using these techniques.

This will show your true understanding of both your code and the techniques used. You will need to show how your code encourages a team based approach to software production, and indicate aspects of your code and design which demonstrate this. (30 marks).


You should submit a zip (not rar or other formats) file containing the following documents:

  • A PDF (not odt, doc or other formats) file showing your code working, using screenshots, and suitable descriptions. You should clearly indicate which sections you have completed.

  • A README file describing the steps to invoke your programs for deploying, publishing and finding your Web service

  • Commented code listings in the Eclipse project code (no need to show separately)

  • An Eclipse project(s) with the code ready to compile. You may have more than one project for client and server if you wish. This is a good idea as you don’t need one all-encompassing project that does everything – it’s not realistic.

The single file should have a filename of your name and student number (surname first),

Please note that the submission inbox on Moodle will not accept submissions larger than 100MB. Your zip file is unlikely to be this large unless you have used very large image files. Please check in good time that your work will fit within the size limit. If you need to go over 100Mb, provide a link in your documentation to the external site where you have stored the data.


There are a number of online implementations of this and similar concepts. While it is OK to review these for ideas, it is not OK to copy whole or parts of these code examples and pass them off as your own. We will use an AUTOMATED PLAGIARISM CHECKER to compare your submissions against other students’ work and online examples.

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