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UI kit:

Main menu (best score; play; sound on/off; music on/off):

Game screen (timer; score):

Classic thimbles or guess where the ball is under the glass.

Initially on the table 3 glasses, after 10 scores 1 glass is added, after 25 - on the table 5 glasses.

Before each "round" the glass rises, we are shown where the coin is. The glasses start mixing randomly, after that they stop and the timer starts in 10 seconds (it is placed on top as a line which decreases on both sides and after 10 seconds it should disappear completely).

The player taps the glass, and the glass rises. If there is a coin, the player gets 1 score and a new "round" starts.The stirring speed of the glasses is increased after each "round" (after 10 scores)the speed is knocked down and a new glass is added, similar to 25 scores).

The game ends when the timer reaches zero or the player has chosen the wrong glass.

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