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Student Scheduler | A Student Progress Tracking App | CodersArts

This App Help parents and Teachers to track progress report of student by using this App In this app we have added features like student information teacher information and student parent details into this App.

Teacher can assign the student Work and his/her progress and update student progress day by day, then teacher can read the information about the student.

  1. when parent or teacher open the app we go to splash activity of an app n go to the home page.

2. When student open navigation page there is a List Of Terms, Courses Term Wise, List of Courses and List Of Assessments.

3. In the assessment page there is Add New Courses Give the Information of Tittle Course Start date , Course End Date, Status , Mentor Information Mentor Mobile Number ,Email at the end on Note page Give the Student Progress details.

In In the Term wise parent and teacher can track student progress Report Know where student needs improvement,

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