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String Manipulation In Python

String Manipulation In Python
String Manipulation In Python

It is the process of python built-in string methods and formatting operations. In python, the string can be defined between the single and double quotations.

x = 'string here 1'

y = "string here 1"

x == y

it gives "true" as an output.

String Manipulation in Python

In python string handle through many ways like:

  • upper() - Used to change a string into the uppercase letter

  • lower() - Used to change a string into the lowercase letter

  • capitalize() - show string with the first letter as a capital

  • title() - It works as a capitalize()

  • swapcase() - every string word look as first and the last word is capital

Let we will learn these string manipulation functions using python which is given below:

Adding and removing spaces - Formatting of string

In the python strip() method used to remove space, it strips whitespace from the beginning and end of the line.

Let suppose string is -

>>> string = " Welcome to the Codersarts "

>>> string.strip()

Output result shows without any space in string.

Another way to remove space from left and right side of the string is like -

  • rstrip() or - remove space from the right side of a string

  • lstrip() - remove space from the left side of the string

There are many other formattings of strings

  • center() - Center the string within given space

  • ljust() and - will left-justify the string within spaces of a given length.

  • rjust() - right-justify the string within spaces of a given length

  • zfill() - which is a special method to right-pad a string with zeros.

Finding and replacing substrings

This is the main common feature that is used to find and replacing substrings from a string in python.

  • find()/rfind(),

  • index()/rindex(), and

  • replace()

These built-in methods are the best for finding and replacing substrings.

Now we discuss rfind() and rindex() methods- These work same as above but searching from the end, not beginning and

  • rindex()

  • rfind()

startswith() and methods endswith() - These used in python for the special case of checking for a substring at the beginning or end of a string.

  • replace() - Use to replace a given substring with a new string.

Splitting and partitioning strings

If you want to find substring and then split the string based on its location,

  • the partitions() and/or

  • split() methods used.

The split() method is more useful. The default is to split on any whitespace, returning a list of the individual words in a string:

For Ex -

line = "This is codersarts blog"


It output shows as:

['This', 'is', 'codersarts', 'blog']

Another related method is splitlines(), which splits on newline characters.

>>> string = """this

>>> is codersarts

>>> blog"""


The outcome is like that - ['this', 'is codersarts', 'blog']

Format Strings

Used to manipulate strings into desired formats.

string representations can always be found using the str() function.

let we learn it as -

>>> number= 2.458

>>> str(number)

The outcome is like that - '2.458', it is an string formate of number 2.458

A more flexible way to do this is to use format strings, which are strings with special markers (noted by curly braces)

Let we check this:

>>> print("The value of number is {}".format(number))


'The value of the number is 2.458'

Another more examples to formatting string are like this:

>>> print("My name is: {0}. and village is: {1}.".format('Naveen kumar', 'Etah'))

'My name is: Naveen kumar. and village is: Etah.'

>>> print("First letter: {first}. Last letter: {last}.".format(last='N', first='R'))

'First letter: N. Last letter: R.'

Apply on digit:

>>> number = 3.142

>>> print("number= {0:.2f}".format(number))

'number= 3.14'

In this blog, we will cover the most useful string manipulation methods which are used in python to manipulate the string. It makes easy to perform the operation on strings.

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