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Research Paper Implementation : A Review on Support Vector Machine for Data Classification.


With increasing amounts of data being generated by businesses and researchers there is a need for fast, accurate and robust algorithms for data analysis. Improvements in databases technology, computing performance and artificial intelligence have contributed to the development of intelligent data analysis. Support vector machines are a specific type of machine learning algorithm that are among the most widely used for many statistical learning problems, such as spam filtering, text classification, handwriting analysis, face and object recognition, and countless others. Support vector machines have also come into widespread use in practically every area of bioinformatics within the last ten years, and their area of influence continues to expand today. The support vector machine has been developed as robust tool for classification and regression in noisy, complex domains. The two key features of support vector machines are generalization theory, which leads to a principled way to choose an hypothesis; and, kernel functions, which introduce non-linearity in the hypothesis space without explicitly requiring a non-linear algorithm.

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