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Python Web Scraping Using(Selenium and Beautiful Soup) - Codersarts

Python Web Scraping Using(Selenium and Beautiful Soup)
Python Web Scraping Using(Selenium and Beautiful Soup)

In this blog we will learn about web Scraping using python with multiple libraries such as Selenium and Soup, and other magic tools.

Now a days web scraping used to find information for reading and other data extracting and work on these data.

Most of people used it as a malicious purpose but it useful if you use it for own develop skills without any malicious purpose.

By using web scraping you can extract information of any web URL link and use it as per your requirements.

Table of content which we will covers in this blog

  • What is web Scraping ?

  • Advantage of web Scraping

  • Install and Using Beautiful Soup

  • Scrape using Beautiful Soup

  • Scraping Using Selenium+PhantomJS

What is web Scraping ?

It is a process of extracting data from the web, you can analyze the data and extract useful information

By this, You can store the scraped data in a database or any kind of tabular format such as CSV, XLS, etc, so you can access that information easily.

Advantage of web Scraping

Why I should scrape the web and I have website like google? It is not for creating search engines only. But use for take informations.

You can check any website and his content, what client is happy from this and you can use content like this so that you can make our client happy.

A successful SEO tool like Moz that scraps and crawls the entire web and process the data for you so you can see people’s interest and how to compete with others in your field to be on the top.

Most of website owner use it for making money.

Install Beautiful Soup

Use pip command to install - Window

For Debian or Ubuntu Linux use:

Scrape using Beautiful Soup

It you want to scrape using Beautiful Soup then follow these below steps:

Step 1 :

Find the URL which you want to Scrape : First you need to decide which webpage you want to scrape, to do this first you find URL which fulfill your requirement.

Step 2 :

Identify page Structure : In this you need to identify HTML page structure so you can extract important information without any useful information.

Step 3 :

Install request package : After installing Beautifulsoup install need to install request package.

Use below pip command to install request package

Step 4 :

In last we write code to scrape web URL content as per our requirements.


paragraphs = page_content.find_all("p")[i].text

finds all of the <p> elements in the HTML. the .text allows us to select only the text from inside all the <p> elements.

Other Beautiful Soupe host ways:

Scraping Using Selenium+PhantomJS

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a Web Browser Automation Tool.

Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that. It allows you to open a browser of your choice & perform tasks as a human being would, such as:

Clicking buttons Entering information in forms Searching for specific information on the web pages

First install Selenium Package : You can install selenium package using the following command

Create Virtual Environment :

$ mkvirtualenv scraping

Install it using pip command :

$ pip install selenium

you can follow these link to Scrape image page, click here

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