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Programming Languages to Making Innovative Android App

Take a minute to think about how many times you use an app in a day? Multiple times, isn’t it? In fact, there is probably an application waiting to be discovered in your app store for every possible human need. Therefore, it is no surprise that the demand for mobile applications has been on a steady rise ever since the smartphone was invented.

Said to be the advanced version of Java – Kotlin is a statistically typed programming language used for developing modern Android applications. Kotlin is a really best language for apps. Kotlin has the potential to influence other programming languages such as JAVA to make high-performing and robust apps. Some popular apps built-in Kotlin are Trello, Evernote, Coursera, and many more.

  • Clean, concise, and perceptive syntax increases team efficiency.

  • Interoperable and versatile and can easily overrule the shortcomings of JAVA.

  • Has full support from Google and IDE’s installation packages including Android and SDK toolkit.

  • Generates compact, simple, and cleaner code as compared to JAVA.

Java :

Java is an official Android development – object-oriented programming language. With in-built open-source libraries readily available for users to choose from, JAVA is easy to handle and offers the best documentation and community support. With JAVA’s vibrant spectrum of features, you can develop the best cross-platform apps, Android apps, games, server apps, embedded space, websites, and more.

  • Popular for code reusability and portability

  • JAVA codes can run in multiple environments, virtual machines, browsers, and different platforms

  • Safeguards developers against issues inherent in native code, memory leaks, etc.

  • Flexible, versatile, portable, and platform-independent programming language

  • Explicit interface, simplified, and machine-independent language

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