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Principles of Microservices In Java

Principles of Microservices


There are the following principles of Microservices:

  • Single Responsibility principle

  • Modelled around business domain

  • Isolate Failure

  • Infrastructure automation

  • Deploy independently

Advantages of Microservices

  • Microservices are self-contained, independent deployment module.

  • The cost of scaling is comparatively less than the monolithic architecture.

  • Microservices are independently manageable services. It can enable more and more services as the need arises. It minimizes the impact on existing service.

  • It is possible to change or upgrade each service individually rather than upgrading in the entire application.

  • Microservices allows us to develop an application which is organic (an application which latterly upgrades by adding more functions or modules) in nature.

  • It enables event streaming technology to enable easy integration in comparison to heavyweight interposes communication.

  • Microservices follows the single responsibility principle.

  • The demanding service can be deployed on multiple servers to enhance performance.

  • Less dependency and easy to test.

  • Dynamic scaling.

  • Faster release cycle.

Disadvantages of Microservices

  • Microservices has all the associated complexities of the distributed system.

  • There is a higher chance of failure during communication between different services.

  • Difficult to manage a large number of services.

  • The developer needs to solve the problem, such as network latency and load balancing.

  • Complex testing over a distributed environment.

Challenges of Microservices Architecture


Microservice architecture is more complex than the legacy system. The microservice

environment becomes more complicated because the team has to manage and support

many moving parts. Here are some of the top challenges that an organization face in their microservices journey:

  • Bounded Context

  • Dynamic Scale up and Scale Down

  • Monitoring

  • Fault Tolerance

  • Cyclic dependencies

  • DevOps Culture

Creating a Simple Microservice

Step 1: Create a Maven project using Spring Initializr

Step 2: Choose the Spring Boot version 2.2.0 M6 or higher version. Do not choose the

snapshot version.

Step 3: Provide the Group name. In our case om.javatpoint

Step 4: Provide the Artifact id. We have provided limits-service.

Step 5: Add the following dependencies: Spring Web, Spring Boot DevTools, Spring

Boot Actuator, Config Client.

Step 6: Click on Generate the project button. A zip file will download, extract it into the

hard disk.

Step 7: Now, open the eclipse. Import the created maven project. It takes some time to

download the required files.

Step 8: Once the project is downloaded, go to src/main/java. Open

the LimitsServiceApplication.

Step 9: Now run the as Java Application.

It started the Tomcat on port(s) 8080 (http).

For Example :

1. public class LimitsConfigurationController
2. {
3. @GetMapping("/limits")
4. public LimitConfiguration retriveLimitsFromConfigurations()
5. {
6. return new LimitConfiguration(1000, 1);
7. }
8. }

1. public class LimitConfiguration
2. {
3. private int maximum;
4. private int minimum;
5. //no-argument constructor
6. protected LimitConfiguration()
7. {
8. }
9. //generating getters
10.public int getMaximum()
12. return maximum;
14.public int getMinimum()
16. return minimum;
18. //genetrating constructor using fields
19.public LimitConfiguration(int maximum, int minimum)
22. this.maximum = maximum;
23. this.minimum = minimum;



maximum: 1000,

minimum: 1


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