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Online Programming Course Support in Machine Learning And R

There are many online courses in Data Science and some important skills in which developer or student are learning continuously. But some time getting your answer of your doubts either you google search or take help from expert.

Sometime google search works and get exact answer what you are looking which more costly in respect of time. So many student prefer to hire expert to answer theirs questions.

If you are company looking for a support rep to take on answering student questions.Then we have dedicated team to help you to provide support in Machine Learning, Data Science, R, scikit-learn, Deep learning, Pandas and may expand to include other courses as well.

Here are some more Details about what we supposed to do:

  • Students enrolled in courses ask questions.

  • These questions, may have any follow-up questions need to be answered promptly. Important criteria for responses.

  • Completeness of response

  • Timeliness - every question has to be answered or addressed within a duration like 24 hours, 48 hours of posting etc.

This is where Data Science, Machine Learning and R expertise is needed

Time Commitment:

We are fully committed in this role will depend on the course and the number and complexity of questions posted by students. The support rep should aim to spend reasonable amounts of time on each question. If beyond reasonable amounts of time are logged, the support rep will be dismissed.

You may supply additional information for applicants.

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