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This is an App I have created for 6th semester collage End Term Submission. This idea come to me when School of Computer Science of Engineering ask every one to design an android app for 5th semester Project,

After getting project I was looking for an unique name the Musica (name) come at that time, Musica is an Spanish name which means music (Song).

In this app First I have created splash activity after opening splash activity we Have move to home page I Navigation Layout to open songs, songs information and list of songs are their. In this app I also wanted to get music (Songs) from are External storage and display them into the cardview, I wanted this to show alert dialog during deleting some song ask as to you wanted to delete or not option. at that I have find some problems during Design on this App but I ask some of my faculties to resolve the issue they help me resolve me that issue.

The first version of the app would include the following user flows


  • User can login via Email and Google

  • When the user opens app for the first time, song are added into the list view and he can play these song

  • The user can Search songs which he likes the songs.

  • The user can play song and listen at another page and stop the song

  • When User Wanted To Quit the songs he alert dialog for quit the song.

I looked some similar app like that jio sawan and Ganna I fount some problem in these Apps we can not get downloaded songs in our list of songs So I have created this app to help user to listen there downloaded songs in

there list of song so that they do not found problem to listen songs which they actually like.

#Philosophy Of Building Apps

I Have created more then 5+ apps I think If you work on multiple apps then you get more information developing apps, and how to resolve issues of apps. Writing good code comes out of practice, experience and lots of code reading.

I realized that well-written code always comes back to help you.

A good UI/UX design is also the key to your app’s success. Design should be geared towards making the app easy to use for any random user. It should also be practical enough for developers to implement quickly. I always look at the design components available in Material Design before creating a new one.


I have done B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Lovely Professional University . I started my career as a Android Developer Intern where I working on Android , java, Firebase, Restful apis, UX/UI design ,Json.

Another side I learnt flutter and dart from Udemy

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