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Movie Management System Using Java

This is a paid project if you are looking unique and latest movie management system application which is done using JAVA Technology, details of this project is given below which include all front end interface as:

Movie Interface:

It includes all the details which are related to movie-like movie name, cast, price, director and other most important parts of the movie.

Movie Home Screen:

This is the home page which includes all the movies in single or more pages with the fixed-size frame so users can easily see all the movies by using simple scrolling

Book Show:

In this users can select the movies as per our choice and seats as per our choice like gold, platinum, and others.

Add Movie Details

By using this Admin and add movie details like add new movies to the home screen.

About the Movie:

By using this we can add any unique movie details like Director of the movie, cast of the movie, and other related features.

Add Theater Details:

This includes all the details related to the theater like Thearter name, location, and seat types like Platinum, Gold, and Silver

User Details:

This includes Customer Name, Email, phone, address, and other features.


This is the first screen of the application by using this user can login and go the main home page of the application.

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