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Machine Learning Assignment Help:Deep Learning

Deep learning allows machines to solve complex problems even when using a data set that is very diverse, unstructured and inter-connected. The more deep learning algorithms learn, the better they perform.

Deep learning is also known as deep structured learning or hierarchical is a machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks. Learning can be supervised, semi-supervised or unsupervised.

Hire Deep Learning Expert
Hire Deep Learning Expert

List of topics in deep learning we offer

  • Deep Neural Networks

  • Backpropagation & Mathematics Behind It

  • CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, GANs and the Maths Behind Them

  • Stochastic Gradient Descent

  • Deep Learning with (Keras, Tensor Flow, Pytorch)

  • Building and Deploying Deep Learning Apps

  • Using Kears, TensorFlow and Pytorch.

  • Building a CNN using TensorFlow

  • Deep Learning using Pytorch

  • : Deep Learning Framework

  • Transfer Learning : Research Work

  • AutoML and Deep Learning Optimization

  • DL Hands On and Best Practices

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