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This App is Design for real time location tracking for for two user this shows the real time location of both users, We have Implemented firebase Recycler Adapter of and to get both the users details on to the CradView and design a menu bar onto the top of corner and there is we have created two activity meet and logout when we click on meet, we can add user and send them request for for Accept and decline if user accept the request then map show the path of user if user decline the request we are not able to follow the path of user. that is basic map and there is my live location shows and above searchbar is given where you can search the second user details

splash Activity : Below when you open the app the splash activity shows you for 3 second

Live Location of Users :

Their is Splash Activity where first splash message show for 3 second and after that main activity open for sign Up there is an option you have Sign Up with Email,Google and Facebook you can signIn with any of them. after that their is Crad View were we have get the details of users.

Sign Up :

Menu :

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