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Java Hibernate Project Assignment Help

To do this, the first thing you will have to do is to have the NetBeans 11 development environment installed In your computer and proceed to use Hibernate.

Create a "Java with Maven" project to perform the task and use the following versions of

software/libraries and settings:

  • JAVA JDK 1.8

  • NetBeans 11.1

  • MySQL 8 (user "root", password "root") 

  • Mysql jdbc connector according to the installed MySQ

  • HIbernate v5

Make a Java project in NetBeans that performs the following steps:

1. Install the sakila database, whose creation files are attached.

2. Create the Hibernate configuration file, with access to the sakila database

3. Use the Hibernate reverse engineering file wizard to access the film, category and language tables in the database. You will also have to include those tables that relate to them

4. implements a JFrame form that allows you to search for films by;

  • Title. Use a text field. The title of the film must contain the text entered by the user.

  • Category. Use a drop-down list with the list of existing categories in the sakila database..

  • Rating. Use a drop-down list of the different recommended age (rating) that the films have in the database.El programa debe permitir combinar las tres opciones de búsqueda.

5. The project must allow you to combine the three search options.

6. The results should be displayed or showed in a table ordered alphabetically and showing the headings: title, year, duration, rating and category list (concatenated with comma).

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