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Java GUI for software application “Mt Buller Resort”


In this assignment you will develop GUI for software application “Mt Buller Resort” .

Which is given as per blow task:

The application must include the following functions:

  • Display all accommodations

  • Display available accommodations

  • Add customer

  • List customers

  • Create a package

  • Add a lift pass to package

  • Add lesson fees to package

  • List packages

  • Save packages to file

  • Read packages from file

  • Quit


  • You can create classes Accommodation, Customer, and TravelPackage.

  • You must design and write a new class “MtBullerResortGUI” which extends JFrame and implements ActionListener interface.

  • In a constructor of this class you you will initialise sub-containers and add all components to them.

  • It is recommended to use JTabbedPane to create two or three tabs, such as AccomodationsTab, CustomersTab, and TravelPackageTab.

  • Each tab panel will have components (JButton, JLabel, JTextField, JTextArea, etc) to perform tasks listed above.

  • You can also use selectable components such as JList and JComboBox where appropriate.

  • You can show images of accommodations on click in an accommodations list if you want. You can find images in the same link

  • Your GUI “MtBullerResortGUI” class, in the same way as the MtBullerResort class in the Assignment, will have ArrayList of customers, ArrayList of accommodations, and ArrayList of travel packages. It can also have a main method to run your GUI.

  • You can create own methods in a MtBullerResort class and use it. Some methods will need modifications to read from text fields and display data on components

Important requirements

  • Create an initial list of accommodations (at least 10 accommodations of different types and price).

  • Create an initial list of customers (at least 3 customers).

  • Start your application with populating lists of accommodations and customers.

  • When a user input is required, guide a user what input is expected.

  • Avoid exceptions by including inputs in try-catch block.

It’s required for debugging and marking. 5 marks will be taken for empty initial lists and no guidance what to enter when prompting to enter a value.

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