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Submission Guidelines

This assignment may be submitted for full credit until Friday, December 4th at 11:59pm. Because of the imminent end of the fall session, late submissions will not be accepted, and extensions will not be given. All assignments are to be submitted using the Blackboard upload facility. It is strongly recommended to submit your assignment early, in case problems arise with the submission process.


For this assignment, you will write some simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. You will build two HTML documents and one CSS document. The file names should be your NetID, the letters A/B/C, and the appropriate extension. If your NetID is jsmith6, your HTML pages should be jsmith6A.html, jsmith6B.html, and jsmith6C.css. These three documents (plus the three images) should be combined in a .zip file before being uploaded to Blackboard. The code should contain the following elements/features:

1. The CSS document will apply standard formatting to both HTML documents:

a. At each page top, a banner image (banner.jpg)

b. Set the <h1> header text to appear purple and in the Cambria font and aligned center.

2. HTML document A:

a. Within an <h1> tag: “Parakeet Colors”

b. Within a <p> tag: The normal primary color for parakeets is green. This lets them hide better among tree leaves when they are pursued by predators.

c. Within a second <p> tag: The blue color is a recent mutation, caused by the absence of yellow coloration from the original green. Although a popular color for pet birds, a blue parakeet would probably not survive long in the wild.

d. The text in the <p> tags should be black and in the default style, except for the words yellow, green, and blue, which should appear in bold and in their color (e.g., the word blue should be blue).

e. The size of the text in the <p> tags should be 16pt.

f. The tags in a), b), & c) should not be nested with each other

3. HTML document B:

a. Within a <p> tag, in 18pt black Times New Roman, "Parakeet Images";

b. Within an <img> tag, initially the image “green_parakeet.jpg” should be shown.

c. A button with the label “Show green!”. When the button is pressed, a script will execute causing the <img> tag to display the “green_parakeet.jpg” image.

d. Another button with the label "Show blue!". When the button is pressed, a script will execute causing the <img> tag to display the “blue_parakeet.jpg” image.

4. The three images (from 1a, 3a, and 3b) should be zipped along with your three documents. All the files should be at the same folder depth, i.e., no subfolders.


Your assignment will be graded according to whether all the required elements are present and in the correct formats and all required functionalities are operable

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