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How To Connect With Anydesk

Anydesk is light weight client-server software which is used share and edit screen to other.

First need to download it from official website:

It look like that:

click on "Free Download" one AnyDesk.exe file is download.

Now click on this .exe file:

You have see 9 digit id(This Desk), which is your system id.

Now you can connect with any other machine(Remote Desk) then you will need to enter another machine(Remote desk) id at the black Remote id field and click on connect button.

Now request send to Remote Desk and user of Remote desk need to accept request, when he accept request you can see remote machine in your screen and you can also edit anything in remote machine.

If you look or need help in any tools or software related any help then you can contact us at given below contact id:

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