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Health Informatics Database Modeling and Application

Multiple Choice Questions

For each question below, please select a single correct answer. 1 point for each question.

(1) You have a reading of a patient’s temperature at 99.3 0 F. Which category of data this reading belongs to?

A. Unstructured data

B. Nominal data

C. Ordinal data

D. Quantitative data

(2) CHEM-7, a basic metabolic panel, is a group of blood test that provides information about a patient’s metabolism. It

has 7 components: blood urea nitrogen (BUN), carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), creatinine, glucose, serum chloride (Cl - ), serum

potassium (K + ), and serum sodium (Na + ). Considering the following result of a CHEM-7 test:


BUN: 15 mg/dl

CO 2 : 23 mmol/l

Creatinine: 1.1 mg/dl

Glucose: 92 mg/dl

Cl - : 108 mmol/l

K + : 4.1 mEq/l

Na + : 138 mEq/l

If you select to use entity, attribute and value model to represent the CHEM-7 data, which following statement is incorrect?

A. 108 mmol/l is the value of the data attribute Cl -

B. CHEM-7 is the data entity

C. Creatinine is the value of the data entity CHEM-7

D. Glucose is a data attribute for the CHEM-7 data entity

(3) Which of the following statement is not a benefit of using a DBMS?

A. Addressing information needs

B. Concurrent data access

C. Data integrity

D. Efficient data access

(4) Consider the following design of a table with the records populated. Please identify the problem in the data fields of this table:

A. Calculated field

B. Multipart field

C. Multivalued field

D. Unspecified field

(5) Considering the following two tables and relationship in a database:

Patient Table:

Diagnosis Table:

The relationship between the two tables?

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