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Firebase Backend as a Service BaaS

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service — BaaS — that started as a YC11 startup and grew up into a next-generation app-development platform on Google Cloud Platform.

Firebase Features

Firebase has several features that make this platform essential. These features include unlimited reporting, cloud messaging, authentication and hosting, etc.

App Development Mode

With Firebase, we can focus our time and attention on developing the best possible applications for our business. The operation and internal functions are very solid. They have taken care of the Firebase Interface. We can spend more time in developing high-quality apps that users want to use.

  • cloud Messaging

  • Authentication

  • Hosting

  • Remote Configuration

  • Dynamic Link

  • Crash Reporting

  • Real Time Database

  • Storage

Cloud Messaging

Firebase allows us to deliver and receive messages in a more reliable way across platforms.


Firebase has little friction with acclaimed authentication.


Firebase delivers web content faster.

Remote Configuration

It allows us to customize our app on the go.

Dynamic Link

Dynamic Links are smart URLs which dynamically change behavior for providing the best experience across different platforms. These links allow app users to take directly to the content of their interest after installing the app - no matter whether they are completely new or lifetime customers.

Crash Reporting

It keeps our app stable.

Real Time Database

It can store and sync app data in real-time.


We can easily store the file in the database.

Growth And User Engagement

One of the most important aspects of application development is being able to develop and engage with users over time. Firebase has a lot of built-in features, which ensures that it is exactly what we do. With the platform leading to commercial apps, it is really at the center of what makes Firebase so great.

App Indexing

With app indexing, we can work on aspects like re-engaging with our app, especially by surfing the in-app content within Google search results. It will also help in ranking our application in Google search results.


It is a perfect tool for referrals and sharing. Get the help of our users to develop our app easily via email or SMS, allowing their existing users to share our app or in-app content. If we use this feature in combination with promotions, then we can also work towards acquiring new customers and retaining our existing customers.


We can manage information campaigns very easily, including the ability to set and schedule messages to engage users at the right time of day. These notifications are completely free. These are unlimited for both iOS and Android. There is only one dashboard to worry about, and if we integrate with Firebase Analytics, we can use various user segmentation features.

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