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Deploying Python and Django Apps on Heroku

Problem Statement:

I have a simple Django app hosted in Heroku which simply scrapes data from a website. What I need is that I want a Heroku command (e.g. heroku run python [custom_command] ) be mapped to a certain URL (e.g.[custom_command] ) such that when that certain URL is visited, a dyno is created that will run the command  "heroku run python [custom_command]".

I think this can be easily done by editing the and and utilizing the Heroku platform API, but I don't know how.

How to Deploy Django Applications on Heroku
Deploying Python and Django Apps on Heroku


why does deploying your app on the web have to be SO difficult? Years into my experience as a software developer and to this day I find hosting online to be a PAIN.

If you ever tried it, did you enjoy running into issues with static files, WhiteNoise, not installing the middleware in the right location, or a whole host of said fun stuff? Yeah, me neither.


Heroku is a cloud application platform that provides hosting services for multiple programming languages, including Python. It is basically a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud infrastructure. You can read more about Heroku here. Of course, you need an account, so sign up here.

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