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Creating "Little Caesars" Ordering System GUI Using JavaFX

For this assignment, you will be creating a Little Caesars program using some of the components, action listeners, and layout managers we learned in this unit.

Your Little Caesars program needs to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • It must include four size options (small @ $7.99, medium @ $8.99, large @ $9.99, party @ $10.99) which the user can choose by selecting one of the radio buttons.

  • It must include eight toppings which the user can choose from by selecting any of the check boxes. The first three toppings are free; each topping after the third costs $1.00 each.

  • It must include four types of beverages (Coke, Sprite, Orange, and Root Beer). Each beverage must be included in a combo box with quantities ranging from 0-6. The cost for each beverage is $0.99.

  • You must have three text fields which will output the cost of the pizza size, toppings and beverages that the user selects.

You will need to use a layout manager(s) in order to arrange and organize your components. I’ll leave it up to you to determine which layout manager(s) you want to use.

Your interface should look something like this:

When the user makes a selection (whether it be a pizza size, a topping, or a beverage), the costs should be updated. Therefore, you will need to create an event handler for the radio buttons, check boxes and combo boxes.

When the user clicks the CALCULATE button, the program must calculate and output the subtotal, delivery fee, HST, and the grand total. The delivery fee is $5.00 for orders under $15 and free for any orders greater than or equal to $15. HST does not apply to the delivery fee; it only applies to the subtotal.

If the delivery is FREE, set the background color of the delivery fee text box to green. If it’s not FREE, leave the background white.

Also, the CHECKOUT button must only become enabled once the user selects one of the dinner options.

When the user selects the CHECKOUT button, a confirm dialog should appear that lists what the user ordered and asks the user to confirm whether the order is correct or not.

If the user selects YES, the following message dialog box should be outputted to the user before the program exits:

If the user clicks NO, the user should be returned to the main menu.

If the user clicks the CHECKOUT button and has not selected a pizza, the following error message should be outputted to the user:

When the user clicks the CLEAR button, all the selections and text fields should be cleared.

You must have an EXIT button that outputs the following confirm dialog box when the user clicks the EXIT button or the CLOSE button:

If the user selects YES, the following message dialog box should be displayed before the program ends:

Once you have completed the program, save the project as Little Caesars in your UNIT 1 folder and submit the project to the dropbox on the classroom website.

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