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Beginning Flutter - Intermediate - Using Common Widgets

In this Blog We have to gonna take a look how basic widgets such as

  • Scaffold

  • App Bar

  • Safe Area

  • Container

  • Text

  • Rich Text

  • Column

  • Row

  • Different types of Buttons

We learn how to use the most common widget we call them basic building blogs for creating beautiful user interfaces in user experiences.

Scaffold widget

the scaffold widget implements the basic material design visual layout allowing us to easily add various widgets such the app bar bottom app bar a floating action button a drawer snack bar button.


appBar : AppBar(

leading : Icon(,

title : Text("Gratitude"),

actions : <Widget>[


icon : Icon(Icon.check),

onPressed : () => Navigation.pop(


_SelectedGratiude ,





body : MoodBody(),

drawer : MoodDrawer(),

bottumNavigationBar : MoodNavBar(),

floatingActionButton: FloatingActionButton(

child : Icon(Icon.add),




The AppBar widget usually contains a standard title Toolbar leading and Action Properties allow with button as well as many customization options the title property typically implemented with a text widget we can customize it with order widget such as a drop down widget the leading property is display before the title property usually this is icon button the action property is displayed right of the title property.

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