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Android 11 ( Features, Changes in Privacy,New Experiences And 5G Visual Indicators ) | CodersArts

Android 11 is upcoming 11th version of android initial release on 19 Feb 2020 and latest beta version release on 6 august 20 days ago.

Beta is now available testing and development before official release coming.

  • We are able to get his version on android studio emulator.

  • We can try it on our pixel device and android emulator

Features of Android 11 :

Behavior Changes :

System changes may effect our app when it running into our device android 11

Privacy Feature:

New Safeguard to protect user privacy that you will support

to protect in your app

Top Privacy Changes :

  • Scoped storage enforcement Apps that target Android 11 are always subject to scoped storage behaviors

  • One Time Permission User grant temporary access to location, microphone, Camera throw one time permission

  • Permissions auto-reset If users haven't interacted with an app for a few months on Android 11, the system auto-resets the app's sensitive permissions

  • Background location access Android 11 changes how users can grant the background location permission to apps

  • Background location access Android 11 changes how users can grant the background location permission to apps

  • Foreground services Android 11 changes how foreground services can access location, camera, and microphone data

Features and Apis :

Android 11 introduces great new features and APIs for developers.

New experiences

1. Device control : The Quick Access Device Controls feature, available starting in Android 11, allows the user to quickly view and control external devices such as lights, thermostats, and cameras from the Android power menu. Device aggregators (for example, Google Home) and third-party vendor apps can provide devices for display in this space. This guide shows you how to add support for device controls to your control app.

Device Interface :

Devices are displayed under Device controls as templated widgets. Five different device control widgets are available:

2. Media Controls

3. Screens

5G visual indicators:

On Android 11 (API level 30) and higher, apps with android.Manifest.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE permission can request telephony display information updates through PhoneStateListener.onDisplayInfoChanged(). This includes radio access technology information for marketing and branding purposes.

Various 5G icon display solutions for different carriers are provided by this new API. The supported technologies include the following:

  • LTE

  • LTE with carrier aggregation (LTE+)

  • Advanced pro LTE (5Ge)

  • NR (5G)

  • NR on millimeter-wave cellular bands (5G+)

Additional support for auth-per-use keys :

KeyGenParameterSpec authPerOpKeyGenParameterSpec =         new KeyGenParameterSpec.Builder("myKeystoreAlias", key-purpose)     // Accept either a biometric credential or a device credential.     // To accept only one type of credential, include only that type as the     // 2nd argument.     .setUserAuthenticationParameters(0 /* duration */,             KeyProperties.AUTH_BIOMETRIC_STRONG |             KeyProperties.AUTH_DEVICE_CREDENTIAL)     .build();

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