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What is JWT?

JWT stands for JSON web Token

  • It is very popular technology to verify the json data of user (User authentication).

  • It is very secure as once it is send to frontend then no one can modify it if someone modify it user lose the access of the information.

  • It is mostly used for rest API authentication.

Now let’s understand it by writing some code.

We will be understanding it by using Node.js

We also need a NPM package called jsonwebtoken

Step1:- Generation a json web token using the user information payload with an expire time.

Importing jwt from package installed

Var jwt = require(‘jsonwebtoken’);

Const payload = {
Name: ‘user’
Username: ‘username’,

//injecting payload
// the jwt token will be expire in 10hrs.
expiresIn: ‘10hrs’
// we will get an error or an token
(err, token) => {
//check if error is there
return Console.log(err);

Step2:- Method to verify token

(err, decodedToken) => {
return console.log(‘unauthorized’)
// you will get the same payload object that you have set
return console.log(decodedToken)

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