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Top Python Assignment Topics For Beginners | Python Programming Help | Codersarts

In this blog, we will learn the most important python topics which will help to become the python expert. Now day python is the top demandable programming language. It is the most highly paid job language. It also covers AI and Machine learning. At the stage of beginners the main problem is that which topics are important to read so here we have collected important topics of python which is listed below:

Strings In Python

  • Access characters in string by index

  • Check if a string contains a sub string

  • Iterate over the characters in string

  • Find occurrence a sub-string in string

  • Compare strings in Python

  • Replace characters in a string

  • And more others

Dictionary In Python

  • Introduction to Dictionaries

  • Creating Dictionaries in Python

  • Iterating over dictionaries

  • Check if a key exists in dictionary

  • Get all the keys in Dictionary

  • Get all the Values in a Dictionary

  • And more others

Tuple In Python

  • Create a Tuple

  • Find an element in Tuple

  • Add, update & delete in tuple

  • And More

Python : Functions

  • Global variables

  • Variable number of arguments

  • Unpack tuple / dictionary

  • Lambda functions

  • And more others

Date & Time In Python

  • Get Current date and timestamp

  • Convert string to a datetime

  • And More others

Python -Directories

  • Create a Directory in python

  • Check if a file or directory exist

  • Check if a directory is empty

  • Get list of files in a directory

  • Delete a directory recursively

  • And More others

Iterators & Generators In Python

  • Iterator vs Iterable vs Iteration

  • Make a class Iterable

  • Yield Keyword & Generators

  • And more others

Numpy Using Python

  • Create a numpy array from list, tuple or list of lists

  • Find the index of value in Numpy Array

  • Select element or sub array by index from numpy array

  • Select rows / columns by index from a 2D numpy array

  • Select elements by conditions from Numpy Array

  • Create a Numpy Array of evenly spaced numbers

  • And more

Pandas Dataframes Using Python

  • Create DataFrame from dictionary in pandas

  • Get list of column and row names in DataFrame

  • Change Column & Row names in DataFrame

  • Select Rows & Columns using loc & iloc in DataFrame

  • Select Rows based on conditions

  • And More other topics

Multi-threading in Python

  • Create a Thread using function

  • Create a Thread using a Class

  • And more others

If you learn more others important python topics related to advanced python then you can send your request directly at here:
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