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Stock markets are where individual and institutional investors come together to buy and sell shares in a public venue. Nowadays these exchanges exist as electronic marketplaces. Share prices are set by supply and demand in the market as buyers and sellers place orders Stock ownership implies that the shareholder owns a slice of the company equal to the number of shares held as a proportion of the company's total outstanding shares. For instance, an individual or entity that owns 100,000 shares of a company with one million outstanding shares would have a 10% ownership stake in it. Most companies have outstanding shares that run into the millions or billions.

User Goal

To minimize the risk of loss in stock investment and to get stock trading tips from country’s best traders and friends.

Business Objective

To attract as many investors as possible on the platform by solving their stock trading problems and to gain revenue from subscription plans sold to investors.

My Role

As part of the design team I was responsible for the design and user experience of the app. I partner with Project Lead and we led the UI/UX efforts with ownership of all major design deliverables. Developed for ios devices the app provides its users with a single platform to invest in stock market. With integration of social features, the app is set to become a one of its kind” Social Trading App”.

The Approach

  • Partner with Project Lead to plan and define the Mobile experience.

  • Design user flows, wireframes, detailed designs and prototypes.

  • Conduct meeting throughout the design process with stakeholders and the team.

  • Iterate designs based on feedbacks gathered during meetings.

  • Work closely with the developers to deliver solutions and resources for final production.

  • Competitor Research

Affinity Mapping

After I gather all the information I needed in order to move into the next phase of the process, I start doing competitor analysis. I looked at some mobile apps at the time Best Broker, TradeHero, E Trade, Robinhood etc to find out the pros and cons in the product.

User Persona

“We used personas constantly throughout the project to guide design decisions, priorities and create empathy amongst the client and our team”. Our persona hypothesis consisted of two different archetypes which we used to facilitate decisions about our user needs, desires, their lifestyle and aspirations in contexts of use. Through careful analysis of our research, we identified sufficient behavioral variables to segment our user audience.

Pain Points

  • It is difficult for investors to build trust in market.

  • High risk of loss.

  • It is difficult to invest for newcomers without knowledge.

  • Earlier it was done via telephonic calls.

Information Architecture

I tried to figure out how the app will be structured so that it will be easy to use for those users who are new in stock trading or who are buying or selling stocks via telephone. The app was integrated with third party so we had to make the signup mandatory for users to minimize the risk of fake users on the platform. After successful signup user can search stocks or investors but to purchase a stock they have to create a trading account and link their bank account with it.


After I had a better understanding of user goals & behavior, I have listed some key features of the app in order to create high fidelity wireframes. Wireframes gave me an idea that how things would look like and made my work easy for visual design. I design both low fidelity and high fidelity designs based on the project needs. I prefer high fidelity wireframe for content rich apps.

Detailed Designs and Prototyping

Once the wireframes were approved, I start working on detailed designs for ios as well as prototyping. It was a challenge for me to design a stock trading app because I have never invested in stocks. So to get an idea how these people think and react, I talk to my friends and colleagues who either use stock trading apps or invest in stocks by any other means. I watched YouTube videos for further information.

Home Screen

My Client wanted to have a light color theme. I designed it in both light and dark theme and explained the reason why stocks trading displays are always in black background everywhere. Investors just care about profit and loss which are denoted by green and red in stock tradingBuy Stocks.

Buy Stocks

To buy a stock a user has to fill the number of stocks then select type of order and after that its validity. So easy to use and minimize the confusion and cognitive load we divided the task in 2 steps. In first step we just ask for number of stock he wants to buy. When he types we display the total amount at top of the screen. After that when user taps on next button we displays the other 2 options. We used slider instead of text field to make it limit or stop order to make it easy for use. We made “Good till cancelled” as a default selection so that user doesn't get confused what to do here.


It’s the most important part of the app where you can view the positions of other investors.

We used a pie chart to display the stocks held by the user. When a user taps on a specific part of pie chart, it displays the information of that stocks Activity Feeds.

A user can follow and subscribe other investors and can view their activities. We wanted to add a feature to praise someone’s activity just like “like” feature on facebook.


  • Highly customized app that lets you trade with friends – With this app you can trade with your friends like for a real stock market and get to know the real market strategies.

  • Add upto 20x margin to your trades – the app allows its users to earn points while trading and the more stock they have the better position on the leaderboard.

  • Follow successful traders on the app – this app allows you to follow all the successful traders and learn trading tactics to help build your score and compete in the market like a pro.

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T H A N K Y O U!!

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