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Research Paper Implementation : Machine Translation for Academic Purposes.


Due to the globalization trend and knowledge boost in the second millennium, multi-lingual translation has become a noteworthy issue. For the purposes of learning knowledge in academic fields, Machine Translation (MT) should be noticed not only academically but also practically. MT should be informed to the translating learners because it is a valuable approach to apply by professional translators for diverse professional fields. For learning translating skills and finding a way to learn and teach through bi-lingual/multilingual translating functions in software, machine translation is an ideal approach that translation trainers, translation learners, and professional translators should be familiar with. In fact, theories for machine translation and computer assistance had been highly valued by many scholars. (e.g., Hutchines, 2003; Thriveni, 2002) Based on MIT’s Open Courseware into Chinese that Lee, Lin and Bonk (2007) have introduced, this paper demonstrates how MT can be efficiently applied as a superior way of teaching and learning. This article predicts the translated courses utilizing MT for residents of global village should emerge and be provided soon in industrialized nations and it exhibits an overview about what the current developmental status of MT is, why the MT should be fully applied for academic purpose, such as translating a textbook or teaching and learning a course, and what types of software can be successfully applied. It implies MT should be promoted in Taiwan because its functions of clearly translating the key-words and leading the basic learners to a certain professional field can be proved in MIT.


Machine Translation, Computational Linguistics, Bi-lingual/Multilingual Translating, Open Courseware.

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