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R Programming Homework Help

What is R Programming?

R is a very flexible and powerful programming language, as well as a package that is written using that language (and others like C).

R- Programming is a language and environment developed by Bell Laboratories (popularly known as AT&T) for statistical computing and graphics.

List of topics which we have covered in this blog are:

  • Random variables: definition, programming examples in R

  • Bayesian statistics

  • Mayor continuous and discrete probability distribution functions (PDF): normal (Gaussian), uniform, exponential, Pascal, binomial, etc; cumulative distribution (density) function (CDF)

  • Linear univariate and multivariate regression and modeling

  • Frequentist and Bayesian inference: p-values and confidence intervals

  • Model selection; information criterionsNon-parametric statistics

  • Statistical tests, such as ANOVA, Student's t-test, F-test, Chi-square test

  • Analysis of variance

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

  • High-dimensional data analysis (Singular value decomposition (SVD), Principal component analysis (PCA))

  • Data visualization techniques

  • Basic Machine Learning concepts

Other Sub-Topics for R Programming Assignment

  • Robust regression

  • Logistic regression

  • Exact logistic regression

  • Multinomial logistic regression

  • Ordinal logistic regression

  • Probit regression

  • Poisson regression

  • Negative binomial regression

  • Zero-inflated Poisson regression

  • Zero-inflated negative binomial regression

  • Zero-truncated Poisson

  • Zero-truncated negative binomial

  • Censored and truncated regression

  • To bit regression

  • Truncated regression

R Libraries in which is our team have an expertise

  • tidyverse (general R library including some of the libraries below)

  • ggplot2

  • dplyr

  • tidyr

  • readr

  • purrr

  • tibble

  • stringr

  • plotly (interactive graphs)

  • stargazer (beautiful regression tables)

  • R Markdown

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