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PostgreSQL Assignment : Codersarts

PostgreSQL was developed in the 1990s by a team of global volunteers. PostgreSQL which is also referred to as Postgres is an open source relational database management system. Postgres programming language was initially written in C. Its source code can be accessed by any user since there is no corporation that has restriction or ownership over it. As a database management system programming language, Postgres was the first database which offered MVCC.

In addition, Postgres programming language is compatible with a number of platforms such as UNIX, Mac OS X, Linux, Tru64, Solaris, and windows. Further, it offers support for sounds, texts, images, and video. It also provides an interface for other programming languages such as C++/C, Java, Ruby, Pearl, Open Database connectivity and Tcl.

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Why you choose Postgre SQL in the place of SQL?

Postgre SQL has some important modern features, it also consists of SQL features with below modern features which is listed below:

  • SQL sub-selects

  • Complex SQL queries

  • Trigger

  • Foreign keys

  • Transactions

  • Views

  • Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)

  • Hot Standby

  • Streaming Replication

Some important topics which is covered by our exepert

  • PostgreSQL - DBMS, Topology, key systems, key PostgreSQL features, Access Control, configuration,

  • Data Definition Language (DDL), generate objects, DROP, and others

  • SQL - Data Manipulation Language (DML).

  • Aggregate Functions, Modify, UPDATE, DELETE.

  • Create data model, Generate SQL schema

  • Transform & Import data, Perform queries, SQL Object Permissions, access control.

  • PostgreSQL permissions-set, GRANT, Revoke to unassign privileges.

  • data models, database design, SQL ,core database system components, distributed databases, NewSQL/NoSQL, systems for data analytics

  • PostgreSQL Internals, PostgreSQL Configuration.

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Features of Postgre SQL

Below more other features which is handle by our expert.

Data Types

  • Primitives: Integer, Numeric, String, Boolean

  • Structured: Date/Time, Array, Range, UUID

  • Document: JSON/JSONB, XML, Key-value (Hstore)

  • Geometry: Point, Line, Circle, Polygon

  • Customizations: Composite, Custom Types

Data Integrity


  • Primary Keys

  • Foreign Keys

  • Exclusion Constraints

  • Explicit Locks, Advisory Locks

Concurrency, Performance

  • Indexing: B-tree, Multicolumn, Expressions, Partial

  • Advanced Indexing: GiST, SP-Gist, KNN Gist, GIN, BRIN, Covering indexes, Bloom filters

  • Sophisticated query planner / optimizer, index-only scans, multicolumn statistics

  • Transactions, Nested Transactions (via savepoints)

  • Multi-Version concurrency Control (MVCC)

  • Parallelization of read queries and building B-tree indexes

  • Table partitioning

  • All transaction isolation levels defined in the SQL standard, including Serializable

  • Just-in-time (JIT) compilation of expressions

Reliability, Disaster Recovery

  • Write-ahead Logging (WAL)

  • Replication: Asynchronous, Synchronous, Logical

  • Point-in-time-recovery (PITR), active standbys

  • Tablespaces


  • Authentication: GSSAPI, SSPI, LDAP, SCRAM-SHA-256, Certificate, and more

  • Robust access-control system

  • Column and row-level security

  • Multi-factor authentication with certificates and an additional method


  • Stored functions and procedures

  • Procedural Languages: PL/PGSQL, Perl, Python (and many more)

  • SQL/JSON path expressions

  • Foreign data wrappers: connect to other databases or streams with a standard SQL interface

  • Customizable storage interface for tables

  • Many extensions that provide additional functionality, including PostGIS

Internationalisation, Text Search

  • Support for international character sets, e.g. through ICU collations

  • Case-insensitive and accent-insensitive collations

  • Full-text search

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