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NetworkX Project Help

This homework consist of two parts. You will submit two different files for each one.

First Section:

1.Choice 3 different community detection algorithms from the literature and explain the

techniques in detail.

2.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of them briefly by giving reference to the literature.

3.Write a report (pdf) maximum 3 pages and submit.

Second Section:

1.Generate a scale-free network by using library function(networkx).

2.Draw degree distribution by using library function.

3.Find all communities in the network by using library function.

4.Print the number of communities

5.At this stage you can think each community as a subnetwork. Give a name each community. Use names as community1, community2,.....

6.Print the size and the node labels in each community. For example

community name community size nodes in the community

community1 5 75,2,34,41,23

community2 10 1,9,43,56,76,22,48,96,51,26




7. Draw the network by coloring each node with different color for different communities. For example all the nodes in community1 is yellow, all the nodes in community2 is red etc.

8. Assign each community to a new network. For example

sub_network1 = community1

sub_network2 = community2



Here the idea is that sub_network1 is an object of graph which is defined as an empty graph earlier.

So you will have n different subnetworks.

9. Draw the degree distribution of each sub-networks (communities). Interpret the results.

In your program divide the cells by labeling depending on the number in the above instructions.

For example

1. generating network



2. drawing degree distribution



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