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Machine Learning Top 20 Projects | Machine Learning Homework Help | Codersarts

Project 1:

Pandas (for basic understanding)

Project 2:

Exploratory Data Analysis on Haberman Dataset

Project 3:

Implementing TFIDF vectorizer

Project 4:

Implement RandomSearchCV with k fold cross-validation on KNN

Project 5:

Compute Performance metrics without Sklearn

Project 6:

Apply Naive Bayes on Donors Choose dataset

Project 7:

Implement SGD Classifier with Logloss and L2 regularization Using SGD without using sklearn

Project 8:

Behavior of Linear Mode+ls

Project 9:

Apply Decision Trees on Donors Choose the dataset

Project 10:

Application of Bootstrap samples in Random Forest

Project 11:

Apply GBDT on Donors Choose dataset

Project 12:

Clustering on Graph Dataset

Project 13:

Recommendation Systems and Truncated SVD SGD algorithm to predict ratings

Project 14:

Microsoft Malware Detection

Project 15:

Facebook Friend Recommendation

Project 16:

SQL Assignment on IMDB data

Project 17:

Working with Callbacks

Project 18:

Transfer Learning

Project 19:

Document Classification with CNN

Project 20:

LSTM on Donors Choose

Project 21:


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