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How to add Splash Screen in Python Tkinter - Codersarts

In this blog we will learn how to add splash window in tkinter. To start this first we will know about splash window.

What is splash window ?

A splash window or screen is a particular window or screen on a website or piece of software that displays while the application or other item is loading. After the load is complete, the user is generally taken to another more functional screen. The splash screen is generally just a display screen to orient users and give them something to look at while hardware is working to present the software to them.

A splash screen is also known as a start screen or startup screen.

Here we add small code which is written in python tkinter :

First import all library in python main file :

Code of


from tkinter import *

from tkinter import ttk

import time

import datetime

from PIL import ImageTk,Image

import os

import sqlite3

from tkinter import messagebox

sroot = Tk()


sroot.title("Splash window")


spath = "images/mypic.png"

simg = ImageTk.PhotoImage(

my = Label(sroot,image=simg)

my.image = simg,y=0)


lbl1 = Label(sroot,text="Welcome to Codersarts",font='Timesnewroman 20 ',fg='blue')


lbl1.pack(padx = 100, pady = 100)

def mainroot():

root = Tk()





root.title("main window")




#AddWindowFunctionalityHere(like widgets, etc)




# After this call the main window here

def call_mainroot():



sroot.after(3000,call_mainroot) #TimeOfSplashScreen



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