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Get Solution : Machine Learning Assignment Help #1


In this assignment, you need to demonstrate your skills for data clustering and dimensionality reduction. There are two parts of this assignment


This is an individual assessment task of maximum 20 pages including all relevant material, graphs, images and tables. Students will be required to provide responses for series of problem situations related to their analysis techniques. They are also required to provide evidence through articulation of the scenario, application of programming skills, analysis techniques and provide a rationale for their response

Task A - Clustering

Download BBC sports dataset from the Cloud. This dataset consists of 737 documents from the BBC Sport website corresponding to sports news articles in five topical areas from 2004-2005. There are 5 class labels: athletics, cricket, football, rugby, tennis. The original dataset and raw text files can be downloaded from here

  1. There are 3 files in the dataset corresponding to the feature matrix, the class labels and the term dictionary.You need to read these files in Python notebook and store in variables X, trueLabels, and terms. (5 marks)

  2. Next perform K-means clustering with 5 clusters using Euclidean distance as similarity measure. Evaluate the clustering performance using adjusted rand index and adjusted mutual information. Report the clustering performance averaged over 50 random initializations of K-means (5 marks)

  3. Repeat K-means clustering with 5 clusters using a similarity measure other than Euclidean distance. Evaluate the clustering performance over 50 random initializations of K-means using adjusted rand index and adjusted mutual information. Report the clustering performance and compare it with the results obtained in step 2 (5 marks)

  4. For clustering cases (Euclidean distance and the other similarity measure), visualize the cluster centres using Tag cloud using Python package WordCloud.

Task B - (Dimensionality Reduction using PCA/SVD

For the provided BBC sports dataset, perform PCA and plot the captured variance with respect to increasing latent dimensionality. What is the minimum dimension that captures (a) at least 95% variance and (b) at least 98% variance?

Submission details

University has a strict standard on plagiarism as a part of Academic Integrity. To avoid any issues with plagiarism, students are strongly encouraged to run the similarity check with the Turnitin system, which is available through Unistart. A Similarity score MUST NOT exceed 39% in any case.

Late submission penalty is 5% per each 24 hours from 11.30pm, 22nd of August. No marking on any submission after 5 days (24 hours X 5 days from 4pm 10th of August)

Be sure to downsize the photos in your report before your submission in order to have your file uploaded in time.

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