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Data-Integrated Chatbot | AI Development

The purpose of this chatbot is to serve as a tailored virtual assistant and answer questions

based on Graph, JSON, and NoSQL data formats. It should be easy to add data in these

formats for a non-technical user.

Data-Integrated Chatbot | AI Development
Data-Integrated Chatbot | AI Development

You will need to mock and label your own Graph, JSON, and NoSQL data for this project.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop an AI chatbot that can take a natural language question and Graph and JSON data (i.e. website data) as input and output will be long form answers about the website, like use and navigation instructions

  • Develop an AI chatbot that converts natural language input into MongoDB queries and analysis.

  • Ensure the chatbot can self-train and adapt to evolving data structures and query types.

  • Integrate feedback mechanisms to continuously improve chatbot performance

Key Queries Related to the Model:

  1. Self-Training Models: Outline the strategy for enabling continuous self-training of the model to adapt to changing user needs and query patterns.

  2. Model Correction for Scalability: Explain the methodology for fine-tuning the model in response to database growth, such as increasing collections. Describe the approach for ensuring scalability and compatibility with new MongoDB collections.

  3. Feedback Integration: Detail the process for incorporating user feedback into the model's learning algorithm to enhance accuracy and relevance.


Building the Basic Chatbot:

  • Develop an initial chatbot using Python and integrate it with an in-house NLP/LLM model. You can sample MongoDB data from MongoDB Atlas Sample Data.

  • Ensure the chatbot processes simple questions and generates accurate MongoDB queries.

  • Implement error checking and validation mechanisms for user inputs.

Enhancing the ChatBot:

  • Improve the chatbot to manage more complex and varied user queries.

  • Optimize the NLP model and MongoDB query generation for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

  • Perform rigorous testing with a diverse range of queries to ensure robust performance.

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