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Bloxorz Game! Using Python Artificial Intelligence

Bloxorz is a 3-D block sliding puzzle game consists of a terrain that is built by 1×1 tile with a special shape and size, and a 1×1×2 size block. This game is a single agent path-finding problem that involves moving the block from its initial position using four directions (right, left, up, and down) and ensuring that its ends are always within the terrain boundary, until it falls into a 1×1 square hole in the terrain that represents our goal state.

The block can be in three states, standing, lying horizontally, and lying vertically. When the block reaches the hole, it must be in standing state to fall in it. The level-1 of the game begins with the size of the terrain as 6×10 rows and columns, starting position is at row 2 and column 2 or as user determines it, and goal position is at row 5 and column 8. The shape of the terrain in the first level is shown in Fig.1. First lets have some fun by playing this game at

Implement an agent to solve level-1 of Bloxorz game using python.

a. You may choose to represent the game as a map using of 0,1 as shown here. 1’s represents the tile and0’s is void spaces & 9 represents goal

b. Show/Print the step by step process your agent takes to reach the goal.

c. You may use “X” to indicate the current position at each step.

d. Also print the number of steps taken by your agent to reach the goal.

e. You can choose any uninformed search or informed search strategies to implement this in python.

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