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BLOG POST is a web application built with the latest and top notch web technologies. This application features blog creation, blog updating and blog deletion. If talking about inner technical implementation then it is an example of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation`s functionalities. As per the video attached you can simply add new blogs via clicking button "ADD NEW BLOG" and update or delete a individual blog via clicking "DELETE BLOG" and "UPDATE BLOG" buttons respectively. This web application is completely implemented on JavaScript web technologies. If you wish to develop a application like this with extended technologies then you can contact us.

The tech stack involving this project is:

  • React.Js : JavaScript library for building the UI components

  • CSS : For Styling the Dom elements.

  • Reactstrap : To enable the application UI responsive and good looking

  • Node.Js : JavaScript runtime environment for server implementation

  • Express : Used for making Restful API used on the top of Node.js by the project

  • Axios : A http request library used to make API calls

  • mongo DB: It is a NoSql document oriented database. It is used in this application for database implementations.

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