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Automated Cab Booking System In Reinforcement Learning | Machine Learning Assignment Help

Cab booking system is the process where renting a cab is automated through an app throughout acity. Using this app, people can book a cab from one location to another location. Being a cab booking app company, exploiting the understanding of cab supply and demand could increase the efficiency of their service and enhance the user experience by minimizing waiting time.

Objective of this project is to combine historical usage patterns along with open data sources like weather data to forecast cab booking demand in a city.


You will be provided with an hourly renting data span of two years. Data is randomly divided into train and test sets. You must predict the total count of cabs booked in each hour covered by the test set, using the information available prior to the booking period. You need to append the train_labeldataset to train.csv as the ‘Total_booking’ column.

  • Please find the descriptions of the columns present in the dataset as below.

  • datetime-hourly date +timestamp

  • season-spring, summer, autumn, winter

  • holiday-whether the day is considered a holiday

  • workingday-whether the day is neither a weekend nor holiday

  • weather-Clear , Cloudy, Light Rain, Heavy temp-temperature in Celsius

  • atemp-"feels like" temperature in Celsius

  • humidity-relative humidity

  • windspeed-wind speed

  • Total_booking-number of the total booking


  1. Visualize data using different visualizations to generate interesting insights.

  2. Outlier Analysis

  3. Missing value analysis

  4. Visualizing Total_booking Vs other features to generate insights

  5. Correlation Analysis


  1. Feature Engineering

  2. Grid search

  3. Regression Analysis

  4. Ensemble Model

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