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A ML Solution for Combatting COVID-19 in Smart Cities from Multiple Dimensions.


The spread of COVID-19 across the world continues as efforts are being made from multi-dimension to curtail its spread and provide treatment. The COVID-19 triggered partial and full lockdown across the globe in an effort to prevent its spread. COVID-19 causes serious fatalities with United States of America recording over 3,000 deaths within 24 hours, the highest in the world for a single day. In this paper, we propose a framework integrated with machine learning to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in smart cities. A novel mathematical model is created to show the spread of the COVID-19 in smart cities. The proposed solution framework can generate, capture, store and analyze data using machine learning algorithms to detect, prevent the spread of COVID-19, forecast next epidemic, effective contact tracing, diagnose cases, monitor COVID-19 patient, COVID-19 vaccine development, track potential COVID-19 patients, aid in COVID-19 drug discovery and provide better understanding of the virus in smart cities. The study outlined case studies on the application of machine learning to help in the fight against COVID-19 in hospitals in smart cities across the world. The framework can provide a guide for real world execution in smart cities. The proposed framework has the potential for helping national healthcare systems in curtailing the COVID-19 pandemic in smart cities.

To download full research paper click on the link below.

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