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MedBot Intelligent Chatbot for Medical Trial Eligibility and Information

The Medical Trial Chatbot project develops an intelligent chatbot system for medical trials. It determines user eligibility and provides comprehensive trial information using natural language processing (NLP). It streamlines participant screening, facilitates recruitment, and advances healthcare research.



Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Medical Trial Chatbot


The Medical Trial Chatbot project aims to develop an intelligent chatbot system that assists users in determining their eligibility for a medical trial and provides relevant information about the trial. The chatbot will utilize natural language processing (NLP) techniques to interact with users, analyze their responses, and determine whether a candidate is eligible for the trial. Additionally, the chatbot will answer user questions, providing comprehensive information about the trial's objectives, procedures, eligibility criteria, and potential benefits.

The chatbot will be designed to provide a user-friendly and conversational interface, allowing individuals to easily navigate through the eligibility assessment process. By leveraging NLP algorithms, the chatbot will analyze user responses to a series of questions related to their medical history, demographics, and specific criteria outlined by the trial protocol. Based on this analysis, the chatbot will determine the user's eligibility status and provide tailored explanations regarding their eligibility or ineligibility.

In addition to eligibility assessment, the chatbot will serve as a reliable source of information for users seeking details about the trial. It will address common questions and concerns, such as the trial's purpose, duration, potential risks, and benefits. The chatbot will provide accurate and up-to-date information, helping users make informed decisions about their participation in the medical trial.

Overall, the Medical Trial Chatbot project aims to streamline the participant screening process, reduce the burden on human resources, and ensure efficient communication between potential participants and trial administrators. By offering personalized eligibility assessments and comprehensive information, the chatbot will facilitate the recruitment process for medical trials and contribute to advancements in healthcare research.

Programming Language:


Libraries used:

Speech Recognition, Scikit-learn

Project Demo

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MedBot Intelligent Chatbot for Medical Trial Eligibility and Information

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