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Pneumonia Detection Model using Deep Learning

Using Python, TensorFlow, and Keras, this project develops a deep learning model to detect pneumonia from chest X-ray images, aiding faster, more accurate diagnoses



Deep Learning



This project focuses on developing a pneumonia detection model using deep learning techniques with Python and popular frameworks such as TensorFlow and Keras. The model is trained on a large dataset of chest X-ray images, consisting of both pneumonia-positive and pneumonia-negative cases. By leveraging the power of deep learning, the model aims to accurately classify X-ray images and assist in the diagnosis of pneumonia.


The Pneumonia Detection Model employs deep learning algorithms to effectively identify pneumonia in chest X-ray images. The training dataset comprises a substantial number of images, including cases with pneumonia and cases without pneumonia. The dataset is carefully curated and annotated to ensure accurate labeling.

Using the TensorFlow and Keras frameworks, the model is built and trained from scratch. Various architectures, such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs), are utilized to extract meaningful features from the X-ray images. These architectures enable the model to learn complex patterns and characteristics associated with pneumonia. Extensive hyperparameter tuning and optimization techniques are employed to enhance the model's performance.

To evaluate the model's effectiveness, a separate validation dataset is created by splitting the original dataset. The model's accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, and other evaluation metrics are computed on this validation dataset, providing insights into its ability to correctly identify pneumonia cases. The achieved results demonstrate a high accuracy level, indicating the model's capability to assist medical professionals in pneumonia diagnosis.

The developed pneumonia detection model holds significant potential in the field of healthcare. It can aid doctors and radiologists in analyzing chest X-ray images, allowing for faster and more accurate pneumonia diagnosis. The model's application extends beyond diagnosis, as it can be integrated into existing healthcare systems to support triage processes and improve patient care.

  • Programming Language: Python 

  • Deep Learning Framework: TensorFlow 

  • Libraries: Keras

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