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Actor Network Visualization using The Movie Database (TMDb) API

This project collects data from TMDb API, constructs a graph depicting collaborations between actors, and visualizes it using Argo Lite, revealing patterns and dynamics within the film industry.






The goal of this project is to collect data from The Movie Database (TMDb) API and construct a graph representation that depicts the collaborations between actors in various movies. By leveraging the API, we will gather information on movies, actors, and their relationships to create a network graph. This graph will enable us to identify patterns and connections among actors and explore the dynamics of their collaborations.

To visualize this graph, we will use Argo Lite, a visualization tool. By utilizing the edges.csv and nodes.csv files obtained from a previous task, we will generate an Argo Lite graph snapshot. This snapshot will showcase the network of actors and their co-actors, highlighting the connections and interactions between them.

The project emphasizes the importance of visualizing and interacting with data to facilitate discovery. By visualizing the actor network, we can uncover hidden relationships, identify popular collaborations, and gain insights into the dynamics of the film industry. This exercise demonstrates the power of data visualization in uncovering meaningful patterns and fostering a deeper understanding of complex networks.

  • Programming Language: python

  • Libraries/Tools used: argolite

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Actor Network Visualization using The Movie Database (TMDb) API

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