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Speech Recognition In Machine Learning

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What is Speech Recognition?

Speech recognition, also known as automatic speech recognition (ASR), computer speech recognition, or speech-to-text, is a capability which enables a program to process human speech into a written format. While it’s commonly confused with voice recognition, speech recognition focuses on the translation of speech from a verbal format to a text one whereas voice recognition just seeks to identify an individual user’s voice.

Features of Speech Recognition?

  • Language weighting

  • Speaker labeling

  • Acoustics training

  • Profanity filtering

Speech recognition algorithms

  • Natural language processing (NLP)

  • Hidden markov models (HMM)

  • N-grams

  • Neural networks

  • Speaker Diarization (SD)

Speech recognition use cases

  • Automotive

  • Technology

  • Healthcare

  • Sales

  • Security

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