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Poem Generator - Artistic Creations from Your Prompts

The Poem Generator is an artistic application powered by OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo model, designed to craft beautiful and expressive poems based on user-provided prompts. The application utilizes Python programming language and the Panel library to create an aesthetically pleasing and interactive user experience.



Large Language Model (LLMs)

Creative Writing AI


The Poem Generator application is an artistic tool designed to craft beautiful poems using keywords or prompts provided by users. Users can input their creative prompts, and the application will generate unique and expressive poems in a captivating text format.


Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo model, the Poem Generator application has the ability to analyze prompts and create original poems that evoke emotions and imagery. Users interact with the application by entering their prompts in the provided text input box.

The Poem Generator application follows a specific format to ensure the poetic output is presented elegantly. The generated poems aim to inspire and resonate with users, capturing the essence of their provided prompts.

If the input does not consist of keywords or creative prompts, the application politely requests users to provide the correct type of input suitable for generating poems.

In cases where the application is unable to create a poem based on certain prompts, it will apologize politely for the limitation.

The poem generated by the application is displayed in an aesthetically pleasing panel format, enhancing the artistic experience.

The Poem Generator application offers a delightful and creative experience for users seeking to express themselves through poetry. By transforming prompts into heartfelt verses, the application fosters artistic expression and emotional exploration. Users can enjoy the beauty of language and the art of poetry, making the Poem Generator a cherished tool for unleashing creativity and imagination.

Programming Language:



OpenAI, Panel

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