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Math Solver - Step-by-Step Guided Solutions

The Math Solver application is a powerful tool that utilizes OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo model to provide step-by-step guided solutions for mathematical questions. It offers comprehensive solutions with appropriate text formatting and may include explanations of concepts, theorems, axioms, or identities used in the solution. The application is built in Python, using the OpenAI and Panel libraries, and is designed to enhance users' mathematical comprehension by streamlining the process of solving complex math problems.



Large Language Model (LLMs)

Math Solver


The Math Solver application is a powerful tool designed to provide step-by-step guided solutions for mathematical questions in an easy-to-understand format. Users can submit math questions, and the application will generate comprehensive solutions with appropriate text formatting. If necessary, the explanation may include concepts, theorems, axioms, or identities used in the solution.


The application is built using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo model, enabling it to process complex mathematical questions and generate detailed solutions. Users interact with the application by entering the math question they need help with in the provided text input box.

The Math Solver application adheres to specific guidelines for its response to ensure clarity and comprehensibility. The response includes a step-by-step guided solution to the math question, making it easier for users to follow and understand the problem-solving process.

If the application is unable to solve a question, it will politely apologize for the limitation. The application specializes exclusively in mathematics and will only entertain mathematical questions. If a user submits a non-mathematical question, the application will request a math-related question instead.

The solution provided by the application is displayed in a well-structured panel format, ensuring readability and accessibility.

The Math Solver application is a valuable resource for users seeking assistance with complex mathematical problems. By providing step-by-step guided solutions and explanations, the application facilitates learning and enhances users' mathematical comprehension. Whether for students or professionals, the Math Solver app streamlines the process of tackling challenging math questions and fosters a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Programming Language:



OpenAI, Panel

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