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Fact Checker - Verify Statements for Facts or Myths

The Fact Checker application is an intelligent tool that uses OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo model to assess and analyze statements, determining whether they are facts or myths. The application provides structured responses, including verification status, clarification if needed, and cites reliable sources for validation. It encourages fact-checking and promotes the dissemination of accurate information, contributing to a more informed and knowledge-driven community.



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The Fact Checker application is an intelligent tool designed to assess and analyze statements to determine whether they are facts or myths. Users can submit statements to the application, and it will provide an assessment based on reliable sources or evidence. If the statement is a fact, the application will cite reliable sources for verification. If the statement is a myth, the application will debunk it with supporting evidence if available.


The application is built using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo model, allowing it to process user statements and provide accurate assessments. Users interact with the application by entering the statement they want to verify in the provided text input box.

The Fact Checker application follows a structured response format to ensure clarity and reliability. It provides a clear assessment of whether the statement is a fact or a myth. The response includes the Status, indicating whether the statement is verified as a fact or debunked as a myth. Additionally, it may include Clarification if necessary to explain the reasoning behind the assessment. If there are any Sources available, the application cites reliable references that users can verify for further validation. This structured approach enables users to obtain trustworthy information and make informed decisions based on accurate facts.

If the application is unable to analyze whether the statement is a fact or a myth, it will politely apologize. The application solely focuses on determining the accuracy of statements and will not perform any other operations.

The application's response is displayed in a user-friendly panel format, making it easy for users to understand the fact-checking results.

The Fact Checker application is a valuable tool for users seeking to verify the validity of statements and distinguish between facts and myths. By providing reliable and evidence-based assessments, the application encourages fact-checking and promotes the dissemination of accurate information. This contributes to a more informed and knowledge-driven community.

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OpenAI, Panel

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